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Becoming a product company with Jason Knight – #12 Problem Busters

Jason Knight takes the Problem Busters through the ins and outs of Product. What is Product as a function and why is it so important?…

Invest in yourself first with Heather Rooke – #11 Problem Busters

How do we make the most of this new normal? How do we break out of habits we no longer need? Growth and Mindset coach…

Movement and healing with Eszter Ivan – #10 Problem Busters

Dance movement Psychotherapist Eszter Ivan talks movement, breathing and how we all need to take time to reconnect with ourselves. This is a far-ranging episode…

Learning to lead with Dave Martin – #9 Problem Busters

Dave Martin of Right to Left and the Problem Busters talk leadership and how to do it right. Whether you are a first-time leader or…

Taking charge of your career with Rick Veronese – #8 Problem Busters

Career Coach Rick Veronese shares his story from Italy to England, from pre-career to UX Designer to Career Coach. Most importantly, he and the Problem…

Making remote work for you with Zoltan Vass – #7 Problem Busters

The Problem Busters talk remote work and how to do it well with expert Zoltan Vass of London Tech Advocates. What do teams and individuals…

Work, Health and Everything Else with Ben Musio – #6 Problem Busters

The Problem Busters explore how to stay healthy while working from home with Ben Musio, health advocate and former London commuter. We discuss how Covid-19…

Teach the world to code with Alice Lieutier – #5 Problem Busters

Developer turned coach Alice Lieutier of Makers discusses the issue of retraining with the Problem Busters, and explains how teaching the world to code (in…

Educate for the climate with Hakim Evans – #4 Problem Busters

In 2016 teenager Hakim Evans was one of a handful of young people to witness the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in New York…

Left-handed champ with Sophia and Earl Wilson – #3 Problem Busters

Author Sophia Wilson and Illustrator Earl Wilson help the Problem Busters see the world through the eyes of a little left-handed boy in a right-handed…

Show Hosts


Oliver Happy

Oliver works in tech and enjoys building things that help improve people’s lives. He co-hosts Old Fox Young Fox, Problem Busters and hosts Gone Workabout. Oliver is a Kiwi, travels a lot, eats a lot and loves sharing good ideas.


Jon Goodwin

Jon Goodwin works in financial tech implementing clever solutions that help simplify business processes every day. His passions include science, engineering and dreaming up solutions to common problems. In his spare time he is a multimedia producer & friendly co-host of two podcasts the Bouyon Boys and Problem Busters.

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Sharing simple solutions to complex problems

A show that explores clever solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems.

Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss the business of making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.

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